Our liquid coating products can be applied onto virtually any shape including flat or 3 dimensional, injection molded, extruded and cast plastic and glass shapes. Contact us to discuss your requirements and help you decide which product is best for your application.


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for Plastic and Glass

Exxene Corporation specializes in the development of transparent coating compositions for use on plastics and glass. It is our mission to formulate and develop advanced products that enable our customers to meet their goals.

Exxene’s coating products are transparent liquids that can be applied by a variety of methods including flowcoat, spray, and dip. Specialty formulations are also available for rapid processing on roll-to-roll systems used to coat plastic thin films such as PET and polycarbonate. And, we will customize our products to meet specific customer processing or performance requirements.

After the coating is applied to the substrate, the surface is cured by baking or by exposure to ultraviolet light, depending upon the product type. Most thermal-cure products are fully cured within one hour while the UV-curable products cure instantaneously. The coated product is ready for use within moments of completing the cure process.

Our coatings are applied onto a multitude of product types by coaters, molders, and manufacturing centers in many sectors including the architectural, aerospace, automotive, and marine industries. Extruded, molded, and cast plastic lenses used in the manufacture of industrial, sports, and safety products especially benefit from the application of our coatings.

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