We can coat virtually any shape including flat or 3 dimensional,
injection molded, extruded and cast plastic and glass shapes
anything requiring clear, functional coatings.


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Anti Static

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Cushion Coating
& Primers

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Your Source for Clear Coatings
for Plastic and Glass

Exxene Corporation is a specialist in the formulation, commercialization, and application of protective and functional coatings for clear plastics, glass and metal surfaces.

It is our mission to formulate and develop innovative products in order to enable our customers to meet their goals.

With over 30 years of successful innovation, we offer application experience and a comprehensive line of coating products including: Silicone Hardcoat, Anti Fog Coating, Photochromic Coating, Anti Static Coating and Adhesion Promoting Primers.

Applications of our coatings include eyewear, plastic sheets and injection molded, extruded, or cast polymer shapes. These markets range from industrial and recreational to aerospace and architectural.

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