Fog Resistant Surfaces

With Anti-Fog coatings from Exxene you can impart a permanent, “non-fogging” surface to virtually any substrate. These coatings can also improve abrasion, chemical, and impact resistance which transforms your goods into high performance fog-free products.

Our Anti-Fog coatings are available in thermal-cure, solvent or water based formulations, or as an Ultraviolet-Light Curable product containing zero volatile organic content.

Anti-Fog Hardcoats

Solvent based coating with permanent, scratch resistant, Anti-Fog properties suited for application on any durable surface.

HCAF-100  High-performance,  Hardcoat

UV Curable Anti-Fog coating

UV-Curable composition that provides semi-permanent Anti-Fog properties.

UV PRO 550 100% solids containing Zero VOC

Water-Based Anti-Fog

HTAF-308 water-based, ultra-low VOC solution

Temporary Anti-Fog Surface Treatment Solution

I-99 water-based, non-toxic Anti-Fog liquid for aftermarket use and retail distribution.


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