Anti Static Coating

The Exxene static dissipative coating use a patented, conductive polymer to deliver permanent, anti-static and electrostatic dissipative functionality. These lightly tinted coatings exhibit good hardness and a typical surface resistivity of 5×108 ohms/cm2 that continues to function independently of humidity or environmental exposure.

Exxene’s ESD Coatings are UV resistant, thermal-cure coatings with unique features including:

  • High clarity
  • Superior Resistivity from 5×108 ohms/cm2 to 5×1011 ohms/cm2
  • Chemical and Weather Resistant
  • Adhesion to metal, glass, polycarbonates, polyesters, & ABS.

BT-380P ESD Coating Low-Viscosity, Alcohol-Based Solution


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Anti Static

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