Abrasions & Scratch Resistance

Exxene Hardcoats offer outstanding optical clarity, enhancing light transmittance and surface hardness. Our silicone hard coatings are available in several forms including primerless, formable, exterior/UV resistant, and UV light curable systems.

Our optically clear, abrasion resistant surface coatings transform otherwise soft polymer materials into durable products:

General-Purpose Abrasion-Resistance

S-25 Hardcoat polycarbonates/ophthalmic plastics
S-28-46 Hardcoat acrylics
UV PRO 310 polycarbonates/ophthalmic plastics, UV-curable

Weatherable Ultraviolet-Absorbing Hardcoat and Primer

S-500 Hardcoat polycarbonates and acrylics
SP-1 Primer

Flexible and Formable Hardcoat

FlexForm 300 polycarbonates, polyesters, cellulosic substrates

Low-gloss, matte hardcoat for reducing glare on view panels and displays

S-44 HRD Hardcoat polycarbonates and acrylics


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Anti Fog

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Anti Static

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Cushion Coating
& Primers

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